Why am I so tired?

Being tired could be as a result of many different factors or habits. Sleep is one of the most important factors that allow our bodies to function at maximum capacity. When we don’t get enough sleep or when we haven’t slept in a while our bodies tend to feel tired. Almost every living organism on Earth needs sleep and even though our sleep cycles may vary we all have that in common. Getting alot of sleep ensures that we have enough energy to complete our daily tasks.

Some animals need more sleep than others and can also sleep in different locations , postures or positions . The Sloth spends majority of it’s life sleeping and Koalas need around 18 hours of sleep per day and horses sleep are able to comfortably sleep on their feet. The amount of sleep a human needs is directly related to their age. A toddler needs between 14-17 hours of sleep daily and kids need around nine and a half hours of sleep daily meanwhile, an adult needs around 5-7 hours of sleep per day. We spend two thirds of our lives sleeping.

Our brain regulates when it’s time for us to go to sleep and when we should stay awake. When we haven’t had enough sleep or when we stay awake for too long sleeping signals “creep” into our waking brain signals This causes a sudden feeling of drowsiness that in most cases, won’t go away until we sleep.

The Circadian rhythm is like a natural clock in our bodies. It controls the production of Melatonin which is a hormone that helps to tell your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up. The more Melatonin your body releases, the more tired you will feel. When our bodies see light , our brain sends the signal to help us stay awake but when our bodies see darkness our brain sends the signal telling us that we need to go to sleep.

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Gloria’s Rendezvous, Port Royal

Gloria’s is a popular Jamaican restaurant and tourist attraction located in Port Royal. People love the popular attraction because of the taste and variety of the food they provide to their customers. Gloria’s is always ready to serve no matter who you are or the type of status you hold within society. The origin of the business started from humble beginnings when the now deceased Gloria Harris sold egg sandwiches to fishermen who frequented Port Royal and other surrounding areas.

Getting Encouraged to Start Gloria’s Restaurant

Gloria prepared meals from the comfort of her home and as a result friends and family who would sample her food encouraged her to start her own eatery. With her newly discovered talent and passion , Gloria started selling food to patrons and travellers on the roadside and at the airport. People with boats would dock just to get a taste of the talk of the town that was Gloria’s cooking, that was when the side offerings started coming in.

The roots of Gloria’s Rendezvous By The Seaside

Armed with nothing but her determination, faith , handbag and cash ,Gloria would visit the seaside waiting on boats that would come by and sell her fish. Some days there would not be a boat in sight but all of a sudden a boat would arrive with the fish for her to buy. Gloria would call her daughter Angela , who now manages the popular restaurant. Gloria would tell Angela to boil rice and put on the soup and vegetables because the fish was on its way. The faith that Gloria had has been adopted by those who work at her restaurant .

Road to establishing Gloria’s Restaurant

1972 would be the year when Gloria finally acquired a physical location for what is now the patriotic restaurant . The location was called Gloria’s Rendezvous. The building was originally used as a shop and Gloria had a glass case where she sold bread and biscuits, there was also a Jukebox in one corner. With the passing of time her business grew both in size and popularity. After five years of opening her original location , Gloria opened another restaurant after acquiring a piece of land.

Gloria’s is best known for serving fresh food as well as the great customer service on display at the establishment. They take pride in the fact that they always serve fresh food and all their food is seasoned with natural seasonings, not anything artificial. Gloria’s daughters explains that when you have fresh fish and you season it with natural herbs and spices there is nothing better than that.

The Food they offer

Gloria’s offers a variety of seafood dishes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of customers. They offer curry , roasted, fried and steam fish just to name a few. The restaurant is often visited by celebrities and other people from the upper class. No matter who you are you can always expect the best quality service at Gloria’s. politicians , entertainers and internal celebs like Chaka Khan have all had a taste of Gloria’s cooking.

New management

After Gloria passed away the business was taken over by her daughter Angela. They have faced their fair share of challenges but they are still going strong. Their second restaurant got destroyed by a hurricane . Angela said this did not get her down as she wanted to make her mother proud and ensure that her name lives on. In 2012 they completed the refurbishing and rebuilding of their first location and they are even better now than ever. There is no doubt that Gloria’s name continues to live on in our hearts and stomachs alike today.

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