is a fictional website that posts content every week on their website. I personally believe that the stories written on this website are very good works of literature. The website’s owner and author seeks to inspire others by writing stories of fiction that can also be applied to our everyday lives. These masterpieces of literature can be used as advice for the day to day struggles that we face in our lives. It gives us valuable insight on how to overcome and how to cope with our struggles.

An exert from one of “Between Land and Sea” on says that “Living the good life, lying in a handmade hammock, enjoying the sound of the ocean waves. Ivan Three Eyes was carried away by the common sensation of liquor. Sleeping peacefully, while protecting his face with a hat.”. This story is about a person named Ivan who got shipwrecked on an island and began to wonder around the island searching for help. We can clearly tell in the story that Ivan is fighting with himself to overcome the thoughts that he has of being a bad leader, losing his ship and also the fact that he wasn’t able to spot that there was an incoming attack that caused him to be in the situation that he was in.

I personally believe that this website’s design is very appropriate for the category that the blog caters to. The layout is very stylish and easy to understand so new visitors will have no problem with browsing through and reading the content. The author of the works on the website seems to be very good at his/her craft because the author knows just how to tell a story that will have us hooked to the plot and the lessons that lie therein. I personally believe that you should go and check out this website.

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