10 things most billionaires have in common

Most billionaires have alot more things in common than you would think. Some of the 10 things most billionaires have in common may go unnoticed for even the most perceptive of persons. The most common thing about most billionaires is that they identified their passions and pursued them from an early age. Success and wealth does not depend upon age but it is always good to start with an early and solid foundation. The more you learn in life, the more you will grow.

10 things most billionaires have in common-they diversify their wealth

10 things most billionaires have in common

Billionaires like Elon Musk don’t just actively invest in one type of business or portfolio, they are always actively seeking and finding new projects to invest in. When billionaires diversify their assets the chances of profiting from their investments increase tenfold. Billionaires like Elon always invest in more than one type of business. Musk is well known for his successful businesses in the tech, automotive and financial industries, so it is always a brilliant idea to diversify your wealth and assets.

2-Most billionaires are college dropouts

For some of us, making the decision to drop out of school seems like a very crazy idea. Most billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk (to name a few) have stated that at some point in their lives they had to make the decision to dropout of college in order to pursue their business ventures. The truth is schools don’t teach us the secrets to wealth and financial literacy, it’s just not in their curriculum. Most billionaires have a vision and at a some point in their lives, they made the crazy decision to dropout of college in order to pursue their business careers. When they finally achieve success they always come to the realization that it was all worth it.

3- They work late and wake early in the morning

Many billionaires like Bill Gates have stated that their daily routine always involves working until late nights and waking up by at least 5AM. They say that this is the main way in which they increase their productivity. In the morning there are less distractions, and as a result of this it is much easier to focus on getting the important things done. These things may include reading and responding to emails, setting up important business meetings and figuring out new business strategies. A good work schedule is always a solid foundation to any successful person.

4-They have companies related to the tech industry or actively invest in the tech industry

10 things most billionaires have in common

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO), Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO) and Larry Page (co-founder of Google) all made their fortune by investing in the tech industry. The tech industry is very vast and there are plenty of business opportunities to take advantage of within it. The dawn of the digital age brought with it a plethora of financial and investment opportunities. Many of today’s wealthiest persons used their programming knowledge, tech knowledge and experience to their advantage and are now reaping the rewards.

5-They don’t buy too many luxurious items

Many of the World’s richest folk are the most modestly dressed and they also tend to drive cheaper cars, eat at cheaper food establishments and wear less expensive jewellery. The main reason why most of them do this is because they rather to invest their money and grow their wealth than to buy expensive things. It is better to invest and be able to buy the entire car dealership later than to spend and buy a single luxury vehicle now.

6-They dear to dream big

Many successful persons have stated that when they were pursuing their dreams only those closest to them supported what they were doing. They explain that they had to have alot of self belief and self confidence. Many persons use to tell them that their dreams were impossible. They all dared to dream big and kept aspiring to achieve great things despite the odds.

7-Most billionaires are Philanthropists

Ever thought about what Mackenzie Scott and Bill Gates have in common? Well besides the fact that they are both billionaires, they are also philanthropists. Many of the richest persons in the World have taken the giving pledge which is a pledge that states that when they decide it or when they die a certain percentage of their wealth will go towards charitable causes. Many of these billionaires are also the founders and co-founders of many none profit and charitable organizations.

8-They have read alot of books throughout their lives

All of the richest persons in the World love to read. Billionaires read a ton of books every year. They see books as a way to broaden their knowledge about a variety of topics. They also use reading as a very comforting and relaxing recreational activity.

9-They try to distribute wealth within their families

Some of the wealthiest families in the World like the Rothschild family and the Walton family tend to build wealth by helping their family members to succeed in their endeavours. one of the ways they help their family members is by giving them shares in their company or by giving them start-up capital to start their own businesses.

10-They have written their autobiography

Billionaires like Bill Gates tend to write books that give a detailed idea of what their lives was like and how the achieved the things that they have achieved. They write books about their life story with the hope that future generation will see their successes and follow their example. Their aim is certainly not to be selfish with their wealth, it is to inspire others to dream big.

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