How to write a blog post

Writing a blog post is not very easy and some of you may be wondering how to write a great blog post that will reach a wider audience and rand more quickly with Google search console. It is very important to have an idea of what to write about beforehand and and plan the way you would like to structure your blog post. Whenever you are structuring a blog post you should try to pick the best topic that will attract readers to click on our post.

How to write a blog post with some proper keyword ideas

How to write a blog post

Finding keywords for your blog on your own can be a very mind boggling and stressing task but what if there were easier ways to find keywords? The most common and effective answer to this question is Google Keyword Finder. With this online tool you can simply search for a keyword in a specific target demographic , population or country and see how that keyword ranks in that area. Once you have an idea of what to write about then it will be much easier to write based on that general topic or subject.

Your topic should be simple and easy to read so that if a reader comes across your content, they will want to read it through until the end. Readability is a very important aspect of a blog post and it decides whether others will read our post until the very end or not. All of these factors start with a great , simple and effective keyword and keyword idea. Your tittle should reflect what the body of your blog post is about.

Grammar and spelling tools

Writing is not easy but grammarly can help (just kidding), but on a more serious note writing is definitely not easy but if you have the tools to help you construct your sentences and paragraphs and make them more appealing to readers it becomes much easier. The first tool of reference when you are trying to construct a great blog post to catch readers is you. It is very important that you view writing as an art form. Writing is a way in which we can express ourselves to others.

How to write a blog post

In order to educate others we first have to educate ourselves and in the pursuit of knowledge there are many of lessons to be learnt. Grammar and punctuation both play major parts in attracting readers and getting your message across to the masses. Whenever a writer writes they should always have tools to aid them with their grammar and spelling. Grammar tools like Grammarly, Ginger and Jetpack help you to get your message across more accurately and also frees your mind and allows you to focus on more important things like the contents of the blog post.

Introductory Paragraph of a blog post

As it should be with any type of article your introductory paragraph should contain your main idea. A main idea is basically the sentence or phrase which gives your readers an idea of what the entire blog post is about . Make it a rule of thumb that the main idea of your introductory paragraph should contain or reflect the topic of your blog post. This will give your readers a better understand of what your article is about and will also make them want to read more. Do not give too much information in your introductory paragraph because the main point of an intro is to give enough information but not too much so that the readers will want to read more in order to obtain more information.

The body of your introductory paragraph should contain points that backup and expound on your topic or main idea. The points that are given should be further expounded on in the body paragraphs of your blog post. try to make the first words count and as attractive as possible.

Body Paragraphs of a blog post

As stated above, your body paragraph should expound on the main points of your introductory paragraph. It is very important to give clear and precise information on your topic and all the main points that back it up. This is the point where you should start to give more information , gradually. You should give enough to keep readers interested and reading but not too much to get them uninterested and bored.

A full blog post can be likened to a full course meal. The introduction is the appetizer, the body of the sentence is the main course and the closing sentence is the desert. You should try to make the meal as delicious as possible with clear and concise information about your given subject.

How to write a blog post

Closing paragraphs of a blog post

The closing or concluding paragraph of any blog should be a coming together and conclusion of all the information that has been gathered. A closing paragraph should be a summary of sorts that brings together all the information of your blog post into just a few sentences. It should be written with as a precise summary based on your blog post topic and subtopics.

How to research when writing a blog post

Finding all the right sources of information when writing a blog can seem like a hard tasks but there are ways to make it much easier. There are many sources out there on the internet but there are ways to find the information that you will need. Here are some tips that you can use when looking for info on a variety of topics for your blog.

  • Direct search– by far the best way to find information on any topic is to directly search for it on the internet. The internet is a vast space where alot of information is made available to the public.
  • Only use credited sources– One of the most important thing to do when writing a blog post is to ensure that your information is coming from a credited source.
  • Avoid plagiarism– Try to ensure that the information you are siting is not copyrighted or protected by any intellectual property laws.
  • Give credit where it is due-Remember to site authors or content owners when necessary
  • Place links to related content you own– When writing a blog it is advised that writers place links for related content to that blog post.


It is very important to create a post that is informative precise and educational. Giving gradual information is the key to keeping readers engaged and hungry for more info. Readers should be enticed by your post from beginning until the end. We hope you understood all the points that were given and you now have a better understanding on how to write a blog post.

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