The rules of being financially literate

The rules of being financially literate are the unwritten rules that we were never thought in school. If you are looking for improvement in your personal and financial life this means that you might be searching for financial freedom and financial independence. To become financial independent and being free from dependence on our family and friends for financial support is the goal of every person. Financial independence is the freedom from dependence on a job or even that company that you hate working for. Financial confidence is the confidence that you have in yourself that you will generate money.

The rules of being financially literatemindset

Some people may think that just because they are not able to generate enough money , money is scarce. The truth is this is not so and if you want to become financially literate your have to understand this concept. Money is like a game and the game has rules, play according to the rules and you will become the master of your finances. It is very amazing how easy it is to currently gain information. If you want to learn something as simple as how to write a cheque it’s all at your fingertips. Despite the availability of information in the current age that we live in , many people still remain financially ignorant.

If you change all your mindset and lose the bad habits that are preventing you from improving your finances , then and only then will you become financially literate and be on your way to becoming rich. There are no rich people who are financially ignorant , except for the ones who got lucky. Statistics have proven that 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt after just a few years of winning. They may have won alot of money , but being financially ignorant and not knowing how to sustain the money that they won only leads to bankruptcy.

How to get financially Educated

In order to become financially literate you first have to get financially educated. The problem is that financial education is not thought in schools. You have to educate yourself in order to become financially independent. All the information is easily accessibly so this poses the question , why don’t people learn more about finances? The answer is pretty simple, some people have come to their own conclusion that money is scarce and very difficult to attain. They do all this without checking the facts for themselves. You have to be driven to attain the knowledge needed to become financially literate.

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