How to use YouTube’s “Fair use” guidelines

Using the content of other creators without breaking YouTube’s “Fair Use” guidelines can sometimes, seem confusing. In order to run a very successful YouTube channel it is very important that you first get a grasp on what these rules mean and how the repercussions can be avoided by following them to the best of your ability. These rules impact everyone and so we all need to be aware of them.

How to use YouTube’s “Fair use” guidelines in deferent countries or regions

The fair use of content without the content owner’s permission is usually dependent on the country that the content is used in or originated from. In the US using content for the purpose of criticism, research , commentary , teaching or news reporting can be considered fair play. This simply means that YouTube allows use to use the content of other persons if it is used for the purposes mentioned as well as some others. A few Other countries have a guideline called “fair dealing” which may work differently depending on the type of content used.

Courts usually address fair use matters on a case by case basis according to the facts of each specific case. It is advised that you should first seek legal advice from an expert before you consider uploading videos that contain copy right protected materials.

YouTube’s fair use protection guidelines

YouTube receives many take down requests to remove videos that copy-right owners claim are infringing under copyright law. The content owners sometimes target content that are clearly following YouTube’s fair use guidelines. Courts have made the decision that copy-right owners should consider fair use before they send a notice to other creators asking them to remove copy-righted materials.

While YouTube are not able to offer legal defence to everyone in regards to fair play laws they claim that they continue to remain vigilant about takedown notices which impacts all creators. There are some notable cases where content users have had their videos reinstated because they have been deemed to adhere with YouTubes fair use guidelines.

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