Where do babies come from?

This is the correct way to teach your child when they ask you where do babies come from. A baby is the the offspring of a living organism that is capable of reproduction. When a adolescent male reaches a certain age his testicles begin to produce sperm. When a girl goes through puberty her ovaries start to release an egg once every month. Once a guy produces sperm and a girl produces eggs , it is possible that if they were to have unprotected sex their bodies could reproduce or make a baby.

It is important to know how pregnancy works as going through puberty does not mean that you are ready to have a baby. You should always wait until you become old enough to find the right partner before you think about having a baby. It also requires alot of time , money and patience to raise a child.

How to tell your child about where babies come from

It may almost seem inevitable that once your child begins to explore and start to figure out how the World works they will want to know where babies come from. It is very important that you try to be as honest and as clear as possible to your child about the process of reproduction. You should also try to make it clear that they should not try thee things you have mentioned to them until they are absolutely ready. Try to give them an idea of what the age of consent is.

The risks that come with having unprotected sex

Having unprotected sex comes with many risks including but not only unwanted pregnancy and you should try to give your child a general idea of some of the risks that may be associated with having sex at a early age or having unprotected sex. Having unprotected sex puts you at risk of many StIs and STDs. Teach your child to abstain and wait until the time is right.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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