Who invented the internet?

Before the current version of the internet was created. Alot of people have been wondering “who invented the internet?”. It became possible for computers to perform long distance networking in 1969 due to a testing exercise performed by UCLA and Stanford. The system had crashed initially during an attempt to login to a nearby computer. Leonard Kleinrock , who was the leader of the research team at the time, successfully lead his team in the creation of the first Two-Node network. The experiment was also the first recorded instance of packet switching which is a method used to transfer info between two computer systems. Packet switching separates information into smaller packets of data and this data is then transported across multiple channels and reassembled when they reach their destination. The Packet switching method is still the way computers transfer data today.

The further development and expansion of the internet

The guidelines for data transfer using the packet switching method were developed by Dr . Vincent Cerf and Dr .Robert Kahn in the year 1980. They named the guidelines TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol)/ IP ( Internet Protocol). TCP is responsible for packing the data before it is transferred across the network and unpacked upon arrival. IP acts as the monitoring coordinator and maps the flow of information from starting destination to end destination. There are many pioneers who assisted in the creation of the modern internet. Leonard Kleinrock proved that a single network relaying information between two computers was possible . Cerf and Kahn provided the basis in which data is transferred between inter-connected networks hence the name “internet”

The internet is still the largest databank which stores all the World’s information today. A lot of people were involved in the creation of software and guidelines that shaped the internet that we know and and love today. the internet is truly a digital masterpiece and now you know who invented the internet.

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