Mark Zukerberg Facebook’s CEO

An Introduction to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO

Mark Zukerberg Facebook’s CEO , is a American internet business mogul , media magnet and philanthropist . Mark is most commonly known for being a co-founder of the social media giants. Mark Zuckerberg helped to create Facebook in his Harvard dorm room . He was born on May 19, 1984 in White plains, New York and has a net worth of around $90 billion USD. He stated on his college application that he could both write and speak Hebrew, Latin , French and Ancient Greek.

Mark’s early years of programming

It was stated that while some kids played video games Mark Zuckerberg created them. From a young age during his time in school Zuckerberg had taken a very strong interest in writing software and using computers. He learnt Altari programming from his father in Middle school and his father later hired software developer David Newman as a private tutor for Mark. Zuckerberg was not your typical geek as he also exceled in Fencing and became the captain of his prep school team. Once Mark had begun his Harvard studies he had already earned a reputation as a programming prodigy. During his time at Harvard he studied Psychology and Computer Science. Mark Zukerberg Facebook’s CEO!

Creating Facebook

During Mark’s time in College it was stated that at the time they had books called Face books which stored the names and pictures of everyone within the student dorms. He initially built a site and choose two male pictures and two female pictures and based on those votes there would be a ranking system. Mark and his friends launched the site over a weekend but Harvard had to shut it down the following Monday morning, due to the fact that it was overwhelming Harvard’s network switches at the time which prevented students from accessing the internet. The following semester Mark Zuckerberg started writing code for a new website which was originally located at Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in his Sophomore year in order to complete his project. Mark had to settle a few law suits with his co-founders (mainly outside court) but that didn’t stop Facebook from becoming a success. Facebook now has a net worth of around $528 billion USD. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are pioneers in the software and computer industries and with enough hard work and knowledge so can you.

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