How To Trade With Expert Option

How To Trade With Expert Option

I’m sure you’ve bee in the situation before where you’re just casually listening to your favourite song on Youtube and up pops a ad for Expert Option. This ads tells you how much you can earn trading on their platform and it intrigues you but you must be wondering how you can earn using this app. I will be explaining how it all works and how you can make money using this app.

Introduction to Expert Option

Expert Option is a fast online trading app. At the beginning of entering Expert Option You will be given a $10.000 Demo which you will be able to use in order to get a feel of how the interface works. There are 5 account types on Expert Option each, containing it’s own perks. These account types are Basic, Silver, Gold , Platinum and Exclusive. Each account type increases in price from as low as 50 dollars to invitation only.

How To Trade

As mentioned before when you are just getting started you will be given a demo startup amount of $10,000 . It is recommended that when you are just getting started you should change the layout from graph to candles. There are many different asset types that you can trade with. The reason why it is recommended to use candles instead of graphs is because candles gives you a better representation of the market. I hope this helped you in your money making endeavours.

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